Wedding Etiquette 101

Wedding Etiquette 101: by

From Wikipedia: “Etiquette (/ˈɛtɨkɛt/ or /ˈɛtɨkɪt/French: [e.ti.kɛt]) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a societysocial class, or group.”

I’ve been to a lot of weddings throughout my life and have worked quite a few weddings to see enough guests without proper wedding etiquette to drive me crazy! It’s really simple and easy to be an amazing guest! Below I’ve posted a few wedding etiquette rules to remember this wedding season and many, many wedding seasons to come.

  • Cellphones: Just put them on silent. It’s not that difficult. I cringe everytime I hear one go off during the ceremony. I’m just like really?! It’s extremely rude to have your cellphone go off during the ceremony and literally takes 2 seconds to put it on silent.


  • Children: If children are invited to the wedding, keep them on their best behavior. If they start crying or causing a scene during the ceremony, TAKE THEM OUTSIDE!!! It’s extremely rude (again) and very distracting to hear a baby screaming or crying during the ceremony. I’m surprised the bride doesn’t glare at the audience to take that child out!


  • Invitation: If your invitation says “+ 1” or “plus 1” or “and guest” that means you get to bring 1 person with you, should you choose. 1 person, not 3 not 5. ONE. Having gotten married myself last summer, it’s expensive to feed your guests and if someone says their bringing 4 extra people or just happen show up with 4 extra people, that’s extra money that the couple or the parent’s of the bride are paying for. I had someone show up to my wedding with 4 extra people that were not invited. I was like, uhm…who are you? Cuz I definitely don’t remember inviting you… I also saw other people that were not invited, nor did the person they come with mention that they were bringing these people. It’s very disappointing. Don’t be that person who brings the whole entourage along. There are wedding invitations for a reason, check to see who it’s addressed to and stick to that.


  • Attire: I went to a wedding this past weekend and it took just about everything I had to not say something to a girl who wore an IVORY dress! That is a HUUUUGE no-no! I was like, how did your mom let you leave the house with a long lacey, ivory dress on?! The bride was wearing a gorrrgeous lacey, ivory dress and looked absolutely beautiful. But that girl who wore that ivory dress on was a little distracting. Also, this girl was like late teens, early twenties, she should have known better. Attention ladies: DO NOT wear white, ivory or cream to a wedding. The bride should be the ONLY one in that color. And besides, there are so many cute summer dresses in amazing colors, wear one of those! I think a girl / woman wearing white, ivory or cream to a wedding is probably the biggest no-no there is. If you don’t know where to go for a cute dress, check out Charlotte Russe, ModCloth, Forever21, Apricot Lane (one of my favorite stores), or Francesca’s (another favorite store of mine).


  • Photo Taking: The couple has hired a photographer to capture their special day (and I can guarantee you, it wasn’t cheap). Let the photographer capture the special moments. Don’t be in the aisle trying to snap some shots and most certainly, DON’T USE FLASH! It ruins the photographer’s pictures. I heard a photographer horror story where the guests were taking flash photos and the photos that the photographer took, didn’t turn out because of all the flashes that kept going off. So unfortunately, the couple didn’t really get any good wedding photos or any ceremony photos at that. That would have broken my heart if I was that bride. It’s not something that you can re-do. If you want to sneak a photo in, just turn the flash off and be discreet about it, don’t cause a scene and certainly don’t get in the photographer’s way.


  • Alcohol: Lots of couple’s choose to have an open bar at their wedding. Or at least a cash bar. If they have an open bar, this doesn’t mean drink until you can’t stand up. Open bars are extremely, extremely expensive and yea, it may seem like it’s a free for all, but when guests take advantage of that and get belligerent, it can easily ruin an otherwise perfect evening. If you can’t handle your alcohol, either make sure someone is cutting you off or just don’t even drink. It’s not fun for anyone to have a ridiculously drunk guest in attendance.


  • Children again: For the love of whatever, PLEASE watch your children! This isn’t some free babysitting night you get. At my wedding in particular, I made it very well known to my wedding coordinator, my mom  and husband that were to be absolutely NO children on the dance floor during the activities going on. During the free dance, it was fine. And what do you know? Children started dancing on the floor during the activities, thank God my mom knew and grabbed a kid off the floor. And luckily my new husband knew and pulled a kid off the floor during the father daughter dance. We had some special moves going on that I didn’t want to whack a kid out. And the attention should be on us, not some distracting kid flailing about around the dance floor. And then what really got me, was during the shoe game that my husband and I played, we had 2 kids right at our feet and dancing around like little maniacs. I was looking around for someone to come take the kids off the floor and unfortunately no one did. So now I have that lovely little distraction during my wedding video. I don’t care if it is family kids or not, keep your children off the dance floor during those little activities going on. Speaking for all future brides out there, please listen to this request, WATCH YOUR CHILDREN! Don’t let them run around on the dance floor like it’s a free for all. Oh and side note, keep their clothes on! My wedding was a classy event and one of the children (as mentioned above) was running around without clothes on. Thanks…

  • Bridal Party Pictures: If you are in the bridal party, please smile in all the pictures. Unless the photographer asks for goofy faces. I had one groomsman who shant be named that was basically glaring or had his eyes shut or was making funny faces in all the photos. And made awful hand gestures in a few pics. Now, first of all, my photographer should have called him out on it. And second of all, he should have smiled. This day wasn’t about him. Just go with it and smile. What also makes my blood boil, is that my husband was a groomsman in his wedding. My husband was awesome in all the pictures, he smiled and acted normal. I even set up and helped out a LOT at this wedding, where I certainly didn’t have to. And then to have that groomsman basically ruin all of the pictures that he was in, is extremely rude. So let me end this bullet point with this, if you’re in the bridal party and you’re in a bad mood, get your panties out of a bunch and put on a good face and deal with it. Again, this day isn’t about you, it’s about the couple making this beautiful commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. Don’t be the idiot who ruins the pictures, because those can’t be taken again.

Well, now that I’ve gotten a few things off my chest that really make my blood boil at weddings (if you couldn’t tell)…that’s not where I intended this post to head, but I still think it’s important for people to know.

Basically, just be considerate. Put yourself in the couple’s shoes. This is the biggest day of their life and of course they want it to be perfect! Don’t be a difficult guest. And certainly, don’t be a difficult bridal party attendant. I know that people are becoming less and less considerate and polite everyday. Just don’t be one of those people. Be one of the best guests they had! Take it as a personal challenge. And of course, have fun. The couple wouldn’t have invited you, if they didn’t want you there. As I’ve mentioned a few times before, this is the most special day of their life. (don’t ruin it).

And thank you for reading.

Wedding Couple


One of the Coolest Things That’s Happened!

I have to tell you this awesome story that happened to me a few months ago. To start off, I am a huge Royal Tailor fan! They are an awesome Christian band who plays fun, catchy, uplifting songs.

I went to Florida on a little family vacation. We of course went to Disney World 🙂

I saw some guys filming a video on one of the water rides. I grabbed my cousin’s arm and was like OMG! THAT’S ROYAL TAILOR!!!! I probably scared the crap out of her. Sorry about that!

They got off the ride and started walking away. I wanted to take a picture with them, but was way too scared to go up and ask them. Sooo, I took this picture of them walking away.

photo 2 (2)

I ended up regretting not asking them for a picture for the rest of the trip. I then and there added meeting taking a picture with Royal Tailor to my bucket list. I was thinking that maybe like 10 years from now that that would come true.

However, I heard on the radio that they were coming to town for a concert! I freaked out and told my husband that we were going to this concert whether he wanted to go or not.

After the concert was over, I was able to meet Royal Tailor and FINALLY get my picture taken with them! I told them about the story in Florida and showed them my slightly stalker-ish photo of them. They didn’t seem to be too creeped out by it though luckily 🙂

Royal Tailor Bucket List Pic

Check out Royal Tailor’s music here! They are seriously an amazing band!!

Planting My 1st Flower Garden

Planting a Garden

The other day my husband suggested that I plant a flower garden in the front of our house. We have a little flower bed by the front porch, but we hadn’t done anything with it since we’ve moved in. I thought, why not? I’m always up for something new! And the outdoor flower shop was having a half off sale, perfect!

Planting a Garden...where do I start?!

Now, let me just start off and say, I don’t know anything about planting flowers or what types of flowers are good to plant, how much water they need, sunlight exposure, etc.

I get to the flower shop, grab my cart and start going up and down the aisles, trying not to look completely clueless.

Planting a Garden...these are cute flowers!

There were some super cute flowers! And then some not so cute lol. I chose ones that I thought would look good in the front of our house. I didn’t go all matchy – matchy though, which is fine and totally in style right now!

Planting a Garden...My Flower Picks

(Whoever gets to name these flowers has a fun job!)

Planting a Garden...flower tags

After walking around for awhile and finally picking up a few flowers, I went to the check out and was on my merry way.

I had to make a Target stop to get a hand shovel, since we didn’t have one.

Planting a goes nothing!

First, I had to get the weeds out of the flower bed. I don’t know a weed from a plant that’s supposed to be there, so I ended up digging out most of the plants. But, I’m pretty sure I left behind a few weeds…

Planting a my 1st flower planted!!

Planting those flowers took way longer to do than I expected! I had to dig the dirt up (obviously) and then figure out how to get the stinkin flower out of the plastic tub thing it came in (which was the most difficult part). I was trying not to tear the flowers apart while trying to get them out of the plastic. Then came the easy part once I finally managed to get the flower out. I just put the flower in the hole I dug up and filled it back in with dirt.

Planting a Garden...My 1st Flower Garden

I think for my 1st time planting flowers, it turned out pretty cute!

Planting a Garden...time for a manicure

Now, it’s time for a well deserved manicure!

The Bachelorette Re-Cap from Last Night

I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, it’s kind of fun watching one person date 25 people and narrow it down to one. Everything is always so elaborate and fancy! But this season, has been nothing but disappointment after disappointment. I lost interest last season when Chris Harrison was trying to force Juan Pablo to say he loved Nikki. It’s totally fine and NORMAL to not be in love with someone after what four? months of dating. So after that last After the Final Rose show, I totally lost any respect I had for Chris Harrison. But that’s not what this post is about.

I was a little disappointed when I found out that Andi Dorfman was going to be the next Bachelorette, but I went in with an open mind, hoping she would grow on me. Nope…

If you haven’t watched last nights episode yet, stop reading. If you did, keep going!

1. Has anyone else noticed how cheap this season has been? They haven’t even left the US yet. Their first stop was a different town in California. Second stop, across the country to Connecticut. When do the different countries and tropical beaches come in?

2. Cheap clue #1: The first date last night was with Dylan. They rode a train for the whole day in Connecticut. And then, they got off the train to not change clothes and get right back on for dinner. I’m also curious as to how Andi didn’t get him to tell her his story until dinner. That whole date must have been awkward. And then, the last surprise Andi had for Dylan was going to the front of the train to honk the train’s horn, which they already did when the date first started. Poor Dylan, he got ripped off on this date biiiiiig time!


3. The group date was a basketball game, totally normal for this show. I was expecting a little more drama during the game, but that’s fine, I’ll get over it. Cheap clue #2: One of the teams got nice printed jerseys with their team name, Rosebuds, on it. The other team got jerseys where they had to write their own name in Sharpie. They were destined to lose that game from the moment they got their Sharpied jerseys. Cheap clue #3: The After Party was at the arena, they didn’t even leave.


4. Cheap clue #4: Her second one-on-one date was with Marcus. They repelled off the hotel building. Where they were all staying. Of course the producers place their ropes right over the guys hotel room. Talk about awkward as they’re repelling down the side of the hotel. I just hope they didn’t hear what the guys were saying, that would have been even more awkward.

5. I am extremely disappointed in how they “honored” Eric. They showed him arguing with Andi (who, by the way, seems to like to argue a lot, remember last season?). We saw Eric leaving in a taxi, he didn’t even get the limo like they always do when they leave, cheap clue #5. Then, they didn’t show the rose ceremony, but had Chris and Andi talking about how those last moments with Eric went. And then that was it, they showed a preview of the next episode. Uhm…seriously?! No photos of him growing up or any photo of him for that matter? I thought this season was supposed to be dedicated to him and instead they show his last moments on the show and make him look like a jerk. That argument he had with Andi is the VERY last thing that his family and friends will get to see of him. How would that make you feel? And then to have Andi talk about it, who is clearly still upset about the argument they had. Not cool, not cool. They showed Tasos (who didn’t get a rose and went home) more respect and honor than they showed Eric. If I were in charge, I would have cut that argument out and had Chris Harrison say something along the lines of that they had their differences and Eric left the show. And then showed a little slideshow of him growing up or at least a video of him with the guys throughout the season. I wonder if they’re skipping next week hoping that people will forget about how horribly they honored Eric and that we will still watch?… I will probably still watch, I’ve already invested this much time into it, why stop now? (ugh)

After the show, I of course went on social media to see what people were saying about it. I kept seeing the hashtag #LiveLikeEric, so I had to check it out. Live Like Eric is a nonprofit organization that:

“…carr[ies] on the legacy of Eric Hill and his endless adventures by giving back. We have created the Live Like Eric Foundation to carry out acts of extreme philanthropy that provide service and relief, increase cultural awareness, eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and provide joy and wonder. Ultimately we want to give back and make this world more awesome.

Death cannot extinguish the spark that glows within all of us.
Donations to Live Like Eric Foundation provide the financial backing and provide the basis for an ongoing project that will give back in a way that only Eric could have inspired.”
I think it’s amazing that this organization is carrying out his legacy. “When you donate or purchase #LIVELIKEERIC gear you commit to pursue your dreams with passion, to embrace optimism, to imagine bigger and to love more fully. When you commit to live like Eric, you can help make our world more like the one he wanted to show us.”
I think that’s pretty awesome! He seems like he was a great guy, and may he rest in peace.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?


**I do not own any of the pictures in this post. Each one links out to the appropriate source.

My Birthday Re-Cap! *~[ ]

My birthday was on Friday, the 16th. And. It. Was. Awesome!! My amazing hubby surprised me with a little out-of-town get away! We went to a baseball game the night we got there. The next day got a mani/pedi! Then we went to lunch at Fogo De Chao. If you ever get the chance to go there, seriously, do it! Just be sure that you’re hungry, because you will most likely eat waaaay too much like we did! After we were done eating, I got to go on a shopping spree! My husband is the best, special shout out to him and a very special thank you for making my day so wonderful!!

We left to go home so that we could have a birthday dinner with my family, we went to Jason’s Deli, and I was still super full from lunch. My family is the best! Thank you shout out to them for being awesome and for being my family!

Below are a couple of items that I got for my birthday:

I got this super cute rose gold “C” initial necklace:Initial C Necklace

I got the Catching Fire DVD. I haven’t read the books yet, I like the surprise of what’s going to happen in the movies. This movie was seriously the best movie I had seen in a looong time!

Catching Fire DVD

I got “The One” by Kiera Cass. This is the 3rd book of a trilogy that she has written. If you’re looking for a good summer read, let me recommend this Selection series. I call it the “Happy Hunger Games”. Super short description: The people in the book live in different castes depending on their wealth and jobs. The prince has become of age where he needs to wed. The girls of their country have to apply for the possibility to be his future wife and queen. 35 girls were chosen. They all move into the castle and vie for the prince’s love and affection. It’s also similar to the Bachelor / Bachelorette, just way better 😉

If you haven’t read these books, do so! I can’t wait to start this one!

The One by Kiera Cass

I got 2 new charms for my Origami Owl necklace which I absolutely looove!

Origami Owl Charms

I also got Lauren Evart’s book, “The Skinny Confidential“. She is another blogger, who I follow pretty regularly. She has some great tips and I’m excited to start this book as well!

The Skinny Confidential

I had come across a monogram cake on Pinterest that I was obsessed with the moment I saw it. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with monograms, so this was the perfect cake for me!

My Monogram Cake

If you’re curious, the necklace that I’m wearing is from the jewelry that I sell, Chloe + Isabel. I received so many compliments when I wore it.

Here’s me with my birthday cake!

My Birthday!

Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday so special, you know who you are 😉


There She Is…Miss America!!

In honor of the Miss America pageant from last night, I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to talk about the pageants.

I have competed in 2 local pageants. I don’t consider myself a pageant girl (I did win People’s Choice Award in 1 of the pageants 🙂 though ), but I did learn a lot and I had so much fun in them. I have to start off by saying that the girls I met during the pageants were amazing. They were so nice and friendly; willing to give tips and pointers, help you curl that piece of hair you can’t reach and share butt- glue/ spray so you’re bikini doesn’t ride up as you’re walking across stage.

I think that Miss America is the perfect role-model for all women ranging from little girls to adult women. Miss America stands for style, service, scholarship and success.

In this day and age, most girls’ role-models aren’t the best and probably shouldn’t be a role-model; they’re found partying in clubs every night and not making the wisest decisions. However, Miss America is:

  • Fit- she cares for her body through fitness and eating the right types of foods.
  • Educated- she takes her education seriously and stays on top of pop-culture, politics and everything happening in her state, America and the world.
  • Well-Spoken- she has to always think before she speaks. She represents her state, her country and herself. She always has to be on top of the game and make sure that what comes out of her mouth is positive and articulate.
  • Philanthropic- she has a platform that is her passion. Some girls’ platforms are fitness in children, literacy, food banks, Children’s Miracle Network, etc. Whatever her platform may be, she dedicates hours and hours to helping others.
  • Confident- every woman has her insecurities, but she has to put those aside and not let those get her down or ruin her life. Insecurities can be motivation to make yourself a better person.
  • Talented- she has a talent that she performs for hundreds to thousands of people; singing, dancing, piano, and baton twirling are just a few of the many talents.

What isn’t to look up to in a Miss America girl, whether she is a local title-holder, state title-holder or even the country’s title-holder like newly crowned Mallory Hytes Hagan?


Mocha Suit Jacket

Mocha Suit Jacket

Gold Earrings

Gold Earrings

Dark True Religion Brand Skinny Jeans

Dark True Religion Brand Skinny Jeans

Jessica Simpson Nude Heels

Jessica Simpson Nude Heels


Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Silver Earrings

Silver Earrings

Jessica Simpson Heels

Jessica Simpson Heels

Tips on how you can improve your life and live like a Miss America girl:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Stay active: it can be just 20 or 30 minutes a day, but as long as you stay active, then that’s all that matters
  • Stay up to date with the news
  • Volunteer and help others when you can
  • Be nice to everyone you come across (Pay- it- Forward)
  • Stay positive in everything you do

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

The Color for 2013 is…

A new year brings new changes and new opportunities.

In the fashion world, it means new colors, new styles and new trends.

One of the hot new colors for 2013 is…EMERALD!

I’m personally excited that the 2013 color is emerald because it is my birthstone. Emerald is one of those rich colors that looks good on anyone. Everyone can pull off emerald whether it be through an emerald purse, emerald heels, emerald nail polish, or an emerald tie for guys.

Here is a list of emerald items to help you get started:

For the girls:

Emerald Dress

Emerald Dress

Emerald Heels

Emerald Heels

Emerald Handbag

Emerald Handbag

Emerald Jeans

Emerald Jeans

Emerald Nail Polish

Emerald Nail Polish

Emerald Necklace

Emerald Necklace

For the guys:

Emerald Dress Socks

Emerald Dress Socks

Emerald Tie

Emerald Tie

Emerald Dress Shirt

Emerald Dress Shirt

Emerald Sweater

Emerald Sweater

May your new year be blessed with luck and new and endless possibilities!


Happy New Year!

❤ Care to be Glam

Halloween From…YOUR Closet!

Have you decided what you’re going to be for Halloween this year?

I always end up changing my mind several times throughout the year (yes I just said throughout the year) on what I want to be.

I decided to put together some cute Halloween costumes that you can create just by shopping in your closet. This will save you money and you can be as creative as you want to be!



I’m not a sports person…at all, so please don’t judge me on my jersey choice.



I was a pink Power Ranger last year:

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

❤ Care to be Glam

PS: I just came across this hilarious shirt and had to add it! (Modest is hottest!)

This shirt would be cute with leggings!