THE Best Hair Tool…EVER!

A little backstory / back info: I have the most sensitive head ever! Always have. I don’t know how many tears I’ve cried or fits I’ve thrown because my head is so stinkin’ sensitive. Even the brush with the bristles that feel like cotton going over your hair hurt, not sure why.

A couple of years ago I used my niece’s brush and thought, hey! This one I can handle. It didn’t hurt as bad to get the tangles out. And let me tell you, my hair gets suuuuper tangly! I have naturally wavy hair, so it’s a daily annoyance and occurrence with the tangles. My niece had the Knot Genie and after I tried it out, I went and got myself one. It still hurt quite a bit to get the tangles out, but not as bad as my normal brush. I would go back to that one just to try it out and had to switch back to the Knot Genie. I do like the design of the Knot Genie, it’s fun!

The Knot Genie

I don’t really know how this happened, but I was surfing the web one day and came across the Wet Brush. I started doing some research on it and was reading tons of reviews and watching videos on it. A lot of the reviewers were saying that they had the Knot Genie and that this one was so much better. So I thought, hey why not give it a shot? If it promises to hurt my head less, I’m up to give it a shot.

I was going to put the brush on my Christmas list, but then discovered they sold them at Target. I found a really cute chevron print one online that is always out of stock everytime I check. At Target I thought I’d browse through the brushes and what do ya know? I found the chevron one!!!!! You betcha I picked that puppy up and stuck it in my cart. (All I need to do now is a monogram sticker to put on it and it’s perfect!)

The Wet Brush

And then. I brushed my hair with the Wet Brush…and let me tell you, things will never be the same! That brush is like magic! For real! I sent my mom 10 texts about it, I was so excited! It seriously didn’t hurt my head, at all. (I’m not affiliated with the Wet Brush or the Knot Genie, this is me just sharing my thoughts.) It doesn’t yank at your head while getting the tangles out. It’s kind of weird because you can hear the brush running through the tangles, but it for real doesn’t hurt. At all.

I will never, ever, ever go back to a regular hair brush. The Wet Brush is seriously where it’s at! It’s made for all types of hair, wet or dry, men or women, adults and kids. It’s absolutely ridiculous how well this brush works. The brushes range from $7 to $12. It’s pretty affordable. Especially when you compare it to salon brand brushes.

I want everyone to have a Wet Brush! It will seriously change your life and make brushing your hair way more pleasant. If you or if you know of a child or even an adult who has a super sensitive head, get them or yourself this brush!!! You won’t regret it! I promise!


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